Autographed Loud Family CDs when you purchase a retroactive Scram subscription

Thanks to our generous pals at 125 Records, we have a limited number of copies of the brand new and wonderful Loud Family with Anton Barbeau CD What If It Works?, each one cleverly autographed by Anton and LF mainstay Scott Miller, available as a free premium for folks purchasing a retroactive subscription for $23 US, $34 overseas. A retroactive subscription consists of any four recent issues of Scram, sent all at once with your free CD, and represents a weird warpage of time and space through which you can approximate the experience of having been a subscriber all this time.

Interested? Then email me to confirm we still have CDs, and once one is being held for you I will follow up with payment instructions. For more info on the available back issues, read on…

Scram #22: Newest issue! The beatnik/banker issue (which are YOU?). Cover by Derek Yaniger. Features a fascinating chat with folk songstress Vashti Bunyan, Neutral Milk Hotel interviews not printed in editrix Kim’s 33 1/3 book about the band, a candid (and then some!) interview with bluesman Nick Gravenites, Phil Ochs’ collaborator Lincoln Mayorga and many more wild surprises.

Scram #21: The swamp issue. Cover by Lark Pien. Features Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves, Gene Sculatti on when MOR went hip, the Phanton Surfers’ Mike Lucas interviewing Blowfly, Skywald Horror-Mood comics, baroque popsters The New Society, mysterious Kenneth Anger soundtrack artist Andy Arthur, Deke Dickerson on hillbilly eefing records & a High Llamas interview.

Scram #20: featuring Andrice Arp’s aquatic cover art, schoolyard fun with Johnny Thunders and Gene Simmons, a chat with Sloan’s Jay Ferguson, all about Absolute Grey, Devendra Banhart meets his heroine Linda Perhacs, bubblegum songwriter Elliot Chiprut, P.F. Sloan live pics, Lost in the Grooves sneak peak and more.

Scram #19: Bart Johnson’s cover, a leisurely chat with the Zombies’ Colin Blunstone and Paul Atkinson (RIP), part two of the P.F. Sloan interview covers the Grassroots, Byrds, Dylan and Jim Webb, the Lee Hazlewood interview Hustler didn’t want you to see, John Trubee’s campfire tales, Denny Eichhorn shares another comic Wild Man Fischer adventure plus the first interview ever with psychedelic siren Linda Perhacs!

Scram #18: cover art by Tom Neely, Emitt Rhodes, Marty Thau on bubblegum, NY Dolls, Suicide & more, the great lost Ramones interview, preteen popettes Smoosh, Johnny Sea.

Scram #17: Dan Clowes cover, Steve Earle, Plush, Russ Forster on the 8-track underground, proto-punk LA zine "Back Door Man," John Trubee talking with Byrds/Zappa dancer Carl Franzoni, bubblegum awards (including Turtle Howard Kaylan’s acceptance speech). 

Scram #16: Robert Crumb / Aleksandar Zograf, Rezillos, Radio Birdman reunion, Every Mother’s Son, Steve Wynn, Van Morrison’s contract-busting Bang! sessions, Gene Sculatti on right wing radio, the Turtles and Strawberry Shortcake, Neil Hamburger, Canned Hamm. Mike Longdo memorial. Cover by Steven "Ribs" Weissman.