Aeroplane book hits #5 on the sales chart

I read on my editor David Barker’s 33 1/3 blog this morning that the Neutral Milk Hotel book is the fastest pony in the paddock. One doesn’t like to brag about book sales, but you gotta understand, all my previous publications have been so proudly under the radar that it’s just a hoot to see something I’ve written be so popular. But there are plenty of great books on that list–collect ’em all!

David says:

Not too much movement on the chart over the last couple of months – most of the books are still selling, but at a very similar rate. Notable exceptions being the Forever Changes book in the UK, on the back of Arthur Lee’s sad death, the DJ Shadow book, those on the Pixies and Beastie Boys, and of course the Neutral Milk Hotel book, which keeps going, week after week.

(Note to self: no more books about bands with "Stone" in their name…)

1. The Smiths
2. The Kinks
3. Pink Floyd
4. Joy Division
5. Neutral Milk Hotel
6. Velvet Underground
7. The Beatles
8. Radiohead
9. Love
10. Neil Young
11. Rolling Stones
12. Dusty Springfield
13. Beach Boys
14. DJ Shadow
15. Jimi Hendrix
16. The Band
17. The Replacements
18. Led Zeppelin
19. David Bowie
20. Jeff Buckley
21. Prince
22. Beastie Boys
23. The Ramones
24. Pixies
25. R.E.M.
26. Bruce Springsteen
27. Elvis Costello
28. Abba
29. James Brown
30. Jethro Tull
31. Sly and the Family Stone
32. The MC5
33. The Stone Roses