Mini 33 1/3 Book Tour – Paris, France on November 1

1 November 2006 (Day of the dead)

Martyrs of pop presents:
From 5pm
Public reading from: Kim Cooper (from L.A.) reading extracts from her work on Neutral Milk Hotel’s In the Aeroplane Under the Sea (collection 33 1/3) – in English with French text available
Pierre Mikaïloff (from Paris) reading from "Some Clichés" (l’Harmattan) – in French
Miles Marshall Lewis reading from his work on Sly and the Family Stone’s
"There’s a Riot Going On" (collection 33 1/3) – in English
Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe reading extracts from the "Lost in the Grooves" anthology on Jeanette, Polnareff, Michel Magne and Brigitte Fontaine – in French

Plus musical selections in indie pop, soul/funk and the unclassifiable from
DJ Bertrand Burgalat (Tricatel)
DJ Dorian Gray
DJ Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe
DJ Frankeinsound

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